Wordpress - Am I Scaring You Yet?

Many people have yet to grasp just how important it is which you create backups of your website. This can and often does help WordPress website owners avoid the mind-numbing pain of getting your website disappear. Let's look at a few ways to prevent this doomsday scenario!

Security plugins can be purchased by you for your WordPress blog. There are many security plugins out there that promises optimum security for your blog. One is known as fix wordpress malware protection Scan. This plugin continuously scans the system . So that hackers can not penetrate the system, it also updates the safety.

Do not depend on your Web host - Many people rely on their web host to"do all that technical stuff for me", not realizing that sometimesthey do not! Far better to have the responsibility site lie with you, instead of out of your control.

You also need to set the"Anyone Can Register" in Settings/General to off, and you should have some sort of spam plugin. Akismet is the old standby, the one I use, but there are lots of them these days.

You can also create a firewall that blocks hackers from infiltrating your blogs. The hacker is prevented by the firewall from coming to your files. You also have to have updated version of Apache. Upgrade your PHP also. It is essential that your system is filled with upgrades.

Oh . And incidentally, I was talking about plugins. When you get a plugin, make sure it's a safe one. Don't install any plugin because the owner is saying that plugin will help you do that or this. Use get a software engineer to analyze it, or maybe a test site to check the plugin. This way isn't a threat for your business or you.

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